Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Living Naturally + Organically with Kloverbox

September's Kloverbox is all about getting rid of the things we don't want! Get rid of your makeup at the end of your day with @deliziososkincare natural makeup remover, it also leaves your skin feeling so soft! Get rid of bad breath naturally with @moondaninaturals mint breath mist (this really works!!). Get a whiter brighter smile by getting rid of stains naturally with this Charcoal Whitening ...Tooth Powder from @ujjayi. Get beautiful soft feet by getting rid of damaged, dry cracked heels naturally with this wonderful balm from @yorbaorganics

beautiful 📷by@fashionatelystina
@yorbaorganics -Softening Foot & Heel Balm with Wild-Harvested Mafura-Get rid of damaged, dry cracked heels with this natural yet complex Foot & Heel Balm! Mafura is a "miracle" active ingredient that absorbs into the skin. It softens and improves elasticity and skin condition with its nourishing and moisturizing abilities. Visit use coupon code: KLOVER70 to take 70% off your entire purchase.
Makeup Remover-Get rid of your makeup at the end of the day with a combination of 100% natural oils that remove makeup hassle free while leaving skin feeling hydrated. This fragrance and scent free formula is made with organic, vegan, non comedogenic oils. Works on all makeup products, from foundation to heavy eyeliner and mascara! Use coupon code KLOVERBOX for 30% of until 10/30/17 📷 by @fashionatelystina #deliziososkincare

@moondaninaturals -Natural Breath Mist-Mystical Mint-Get rid of bad breath naturally! No additives, preservatives, alcohol or sweeteners, made of organic, natural, and non-gmo ingredients. Vegan and Cruelty free. Shake well before using, spray 1 or 2 times in the mouth to cleanse and freshen breath. visit use coupon code: FRESH for 20% you order
Charcoal Whitening Toothpowder-Get rid of stains on your teeth and get a whiter brighter smile naturally! Apply powder to damp bristlesbrush, rinse and smile! Flavor Zen fresh peppermint, handcrafted in LA with unconditional love! Visit Ujjayi @ and use coupon code: Ujjayi20 for 20% off you order. Shipping is always free.
OK I JUST LOVE this Charcoal Whitening Tooth powder! For those of you who have been long time blog followers you know my obsession with bleaching my teeth! I had to stop because it was really damaging my teeth!! Using harsh chemicals and making my teeth super sensitive! I love this natural option that REALLY works!!!

Overall this months box was a MUST HAVE! I loved everything in this Kloverbox! Stay tuned for next months OCTOBER Box in PINK!!! To support Breast Cancer Awareness!!

DO NOT FORGET TO GET YOUR HOLIDAY orders in....seriously this is the perfect gift for yourself after during the holidays or just for those special people in your lives!!! They deserve healthy fun products too. I know first hand how much my husband dips into my Kloverbox goodies! Also the perfect gift for those kids in college!!!

So you want to know more?!?!?!??! Here is what the peeps over at Kloverbox had to say....

How does Kloverbox work?
Kloverbox is an expertly curated monthly subscription box. We help you incorporate safe and effective products into every aspect of your life. Discover organic, natural and cruelty-free beauty, lifestyle, nutrition and healthy home brands. Choose a Monthly Subscription, a Three Month Subscription or a Six Month one-time purchase.

How can I access my account?
An account is not created during the checkout process. You can create a new account after checkout by clicking this link - NEW ACCOUNT  OR see your order confirmation email. An order confirmation email is sent after checkout with a direct link for your account. A Kloverbox account allows you to pause, skip a month, cancel and change your billing or address.

When will I receive my Kloverbox?
Subscriptions purchased during the current month will receive the upcoming month's box.
Example - Orders placed between January 1-31 will receive February's Kloverbox. 
Kloverbox ships between the 15th-18th of each month with the expectations that the box will arrive within three business days via USPS Priority.

When do I get billed for my Kloverbox subscription?
You are billed on the day you subscribe.
Kloverbox's one month and three month subscriptions are recurrent. 
The Monthly subscription auto-renews every month on the calendar day you first subscribed.
The Three Month subscription auto-renews every three months on the calendar day you first subscribed.

The Six Month subscription is a one-time purchase.
You may skip a month or cancel your subscription at any time but you must skip or cancel before you are rebilled; we do not refund payments once a subscription has billed and do not accept returns.

Can I only order ONE box? 
If you would like to only receive one box, you may subscribe to our monthly option and cancel immediately. If the account is not cancelled, it will automatically deduct the subscription amount the next month on the calendar day you first subscribed.

Can I give Kloverbox as a gift?
Yes! From Birthdays and Christmas to Mother's Day and Graduations, Kloverbox makes the perfect gift for friends or family. Please note: Monthly and Three Month products will renew automatically, unless you cancel the billing. The Six Month product is a one-time purchase.

Kloverbox Every month we send you the best in healthy beauty and toxin-free living from brands you'll love! ☘💚☘

HEAD OVER TO KLOVERBOX and ORDER your Subscription NOW!!

You can also find them on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, and INSTAGRAM

Friday, October 13, 2017

Norma Christine Photography

Pictures are so important to you can tell from the many I take daily! I was always a big picture person. I remember when I was little and my brother and I would look through the many albums my mom had. We loved when she would tell us stories about the photo's from her childhood! We STILL do this on Sunday dinners. When I became a mom I found myself capturing even more...Time goes by so quickly and I don't want to miss a thing. Finding a family photographer is so important, there will be many life events you will want to capture and enjoy. I knew one of them would be my daughters upcoming Carnival Birthday! I was so excited to work with the one and only, Norma Christine Photography! She has an eye for things I only wish I had! She arrived before the party started and from the moment we met I knew she was "the one". The crazy thing about this two hour party... I rarely remember seeing her. She was tucked away, up close and personal and yet I never saw her. A true professional.  I enjoyed the craziness that most children parties ensue and by the end I was beat. We cleaned up, went to bed and by morning when the dust settled I realized that although I was "in" the moment, I didn't remember much!

A few days later... Norma Christine Photography delivers the most amazing digital album I have ever seen! The pictures are straight up beautiful. Flawless photography capturing all the beauty and fun of the day. Yes, I cried. It was like looking through a wedding album for me. My children are my world, I so enjoy this life with see them happy, to see the smiles. It was all worth it! I will treasure these photographs forever!

So who is Norma Christine Photography you ask? I'll let her introduce herself...

"My name is Amanda, of Norma Christine Photography. I am happy wife and mother to three amazing kids. I started getting into photography in college, and then took a hiatus to focus on my family and be a nanny. Time has now brought me back to one of my greatest passions, and I am loving it! I love music, coffee, Autumn, Ice hockey, the Golden age of Hollywood, and the New England Patriots. I think it's important to smile and make others smile too. Now, I am continuing my passion of photography, to capture some of lifes most precious moments, to be frozen in time. Always remember, be kind, smile big, and love one another!"

Yes she really is the sweetest soul! She is able to get the shot EVERY time, with such skill and precision it truly blows me away!  My girls loved her! She is so professional and does amazing things! If you are in the New England Area I highly suggest you seek out Norma Christine Photography, you wont be disappointed! Life is a crazy adventure, capture those moments, plaster them on your walls. Find that amazing photographer and bring them into your life... let them use their eye to bring your beautiful life to print!

Don't forget to check out Norma Christine Photography on Facebook HERE And Instagram at @normachristinephotography

Holidays are coming up peeps...get you holiday photo on! I know we will be! Don't forget after you get those amazing photo's done to head over to Basic Invite and make your holiday cards!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Basic Invite

Come one Come all!!! My girls are turning ONE and FOUR!!!! We are throwing a HUGE carnival and first things first was Birthday INVITATIONS!!! I feel like this is the most important part that sets the stage for the whole event! Oh and not to mention the invitations go right in their keepsake boxes...Something I will cherish forever! I was thrilled to work with Basic Invite! As soon as I got started my mind was racing with all the AMAZING options I had!! Really there is something for everyone here! Everything and I mean everything is customizable! Take a peek at our Custom Party Invitations and Thank you Cards!!!!!

We even customized the envelopes with our return address on the backs!

We LOVE THESE Children's Birthday Invitations

Did you know Basic Invite also offers Free Address Collection Service - Use their free address collection service to request your addresses with just three simple steps. Share a link, collect addresses, and get free envelope printing!!!!!

About Basic Invite besides the fact that they are AMAZING!!!

Located in Saint George, Utah, their small and passionate team has been creating the perfect card for every event since 2006. Through the development of unique technology, they are able to provide you with limitless options that allow you to instantly create a card that is truly unique. Here are some of the features they have developed:

Wedding Invitations in Any Color


They aren't kidding!!! They offer over 160 color options!!! This makes my heart SO HAPPY, I love details!!! For Sophia's Birthday cards I was able to change the balloons that were on the card to a lime green to match her sunglasses! Seriously where can you order cards and do that!?! Getting married!?!?! You also have the ability to match your wedding colors for FREE and they offer custom samples in your colors!!! I don't know another company that does this!!! They are truly there for their customers!!! To me that is HUGE!! By far the best customer service I have ever experienced! So professional yet personable! Basic Invites wants you to be happy!! They are very detail oriented as well.... I had chosen a picture that wasn't as "crisp" as it should have been...they let me know and I had the option to go in and fix it! Love that it is seemingly worry free!
Instantly Preview Your Custom Card

Instant Preview

Instantly preview all the designs with your information and colors, even designs with beautiful script fonts. This made the Birthday process so easy! I'm a very visual person so I needed to be able to see it written on the card to know if I would like it or not! I love that they offer this! The website is super easy to navigate as well....not to mention BEAUTIFUL!!! Makes me so excited for all life events as they really offer it all!!!! No need to go to the store and stock up on cards without that personal touch... couple of clicks and you get amazing quality cards delivered to your doorstep!

Truly Custom Samples


Getting Married!?!?!?!? At Basic Invite, you can order a Truly Custom™ sample with your names, photos, and colors. You can even sample your entire wedding suite!

Finest Script Fonts


They have developed new technology to preview complex script fonts with all of the swirls and swashes you love. Preview your text in any font instantly.

Pocket Wedding Invitations

Matching Suite Items

More than just the cards Basic Invite offers full matching wedding suites, from Save the Dates, to Programs and Thank You Cards. Design a cohesive look across all of your wedding items.

Foil Wedding Invitations

New! Foil Invitations

This has my Christmas heart screaming!!!!!!! I love GOLD AND SILVER FOIL!!!!! Not many offer this.... BASIC INVITE DOES!!!! Choose from flat or raised foil for a luxe effect. Foil any element, even your names! I can't wait to get my Christmas Card order in.... I swear I will shop no where else!! If you saw and felt the quality of these cards it is seriously beyond anything I've ordered!

Wood Wedding Invitations

New! Wood Invitations

Printed on real wood with white ink, the New Wood Collection is unforgettable. They are perfect for any rustic or outdoor wedding.

Peel and Seal Envelopes

Peel and Seal Envelopes

No licking required.  Peel & Seal envelopes will save you countless time. They include white envelopes with every order or upgrade to any of our 40+ colors. This saved me SO MUCH TIME when I was sealing the Birthday cards!! Oh and easy for my 4 year old to help hahaha! 

Dozens of Envelope Colors

If you are looking for invitations, announcements, anything cards related for that matter....look no further!!! You will not be fact if you are like me you will turn into a crazy Basic Invite fan and be screaming it from the roof tops when people ask you where you got your invites from....I know I do (and EVERY single person that received one said how nice they were!) Go take a peek or just go shop Basic Invite HERE!!!

Don't forget to like them on facebook and follow them on Instagram, twitter and pinterest!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Serta with Baby's Journey

I have been a long time lover of Baby's Journey from their bath chairs to bouncy chairs we had it all! I was thrilled when I saw the new Serta's Perfect Sleeper Bed Bumpers! Sophia has officially gotten a "Big" girl bed in her room. My nerves have been all over the place because she moves around ALOT when she sleeps! There is no doubt she would end up on the floor! Sophia refused to use those big gate like metal/mesh bed rails and her 3 year old voice was heard loud and clear "I'm not a baby!" they made her new big girl bed look like a crib and honestly took away the fun in her getting her big girl bed! I knew we still needed to keep her safe and in her bed at night... that's why I'm in love with the soft foam design by Serta. They slip under the fitted sheet (stays in place!!) so it is hidden and is extra long (unlike the bed rails I've seen)!! The best part, they fold in half so we can take them with us when we go on vacation! No more building pillow walls or having to worry....they fold up for easy packing too! They really thought of it all!! I highly recommend the Serta's Perfect Sleeper Bed Bumpers! It comes in a set of two and is great quality! We couldn't be happier!!

Serta’s Perfect Sleeper® Bed Bumpers prevents children from falling or rolling off the bed.  The ideal solution for transitions from crib to twin bed.  The soft foam design slips underneath the fitted sheet to stay in place. Can be used on Twin Full, Queen & King size beds.  Great for home, sleepovers and hotels.

Product Details
  • Great for transition from crib to twin bed
  • Prevents child from falling or rolling off the bed
  • Fits Twin, Full, Queen & King Size beds
  • Slips under fitted sheet to stay in place
  • Soft foam design with removable & machine washable cover
  • Great for home, sleepovers, and hotels
  • Dimensions: 56” L x 6.86” W x 4.5”H
  • Age Grade: 2+
  • Item #02063

I received this product free for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion.


I have a HUGE obsession with Freshly Picked... most of you know this and have seen Sophia since birth rocking her sweet FP moccasins! From her first roll over, first time crawling to her very first steps...Freshly Picked has been there every step of the way! Now that Sophia is turning 4 I can honestly tell you Freshly Picked has withstood ALL of her baby/toddler senagiagans she wore them day in day out and they are STILL in great condition...they have been passed down to Ari! I was so excited for Ari to get her first pair of FP Mocks and choosing is no easy feet! After hours of narrowing down my top choices we went with the CAREBEARS! They are the sweetest moccasins ever! Take a peek...
Ari scored the ones called CAREBEARS.
 These soft sole leather moccasins have become a staple in our home. We love that both of our girls love and enjoy them as much as us! Sophia's first pair of "Golds" have been stored away in her keepsake box...possibly to be worn by a son or daughter of her own one day! We have celebrated birthdays, weddings, holidays and christenings sporting our FP! #foreverystep

Part of the FP x Care Bears collection! Share your Care Bears nostalgia with this fun pink moccasin featuring classic Care Bears and rainbows. Paired with a pink peony sole featuring a special FP x Care Bears collaboration logo.
  • Elastic at the opening makes the shoes easy to put on, easy to take off, and most importantly: they stay on your child’s foot. 
  • Our soft-soled moccs are made with 100% durable, wear-tested leather and are suitable for infants and toddlers alike. 
  • Officially licensed Care Bears product. 

THEY ARE JUST TOOOOO CUTE!!!! Excited to see where these FP moccasins will take her!
You can find Freshly Picked on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest Go LIKE AND FOLLOW and let me see your babes in their FP Moccasins use the HASHTAG #foreverystep

I can not rave enough about this company! They started with a dream from a mama and lots of hard work... through that Freshly Picked was born! The quality is beyond any "shoe" I have experienced and they are made to last! This has been the ONLY footwear that has not fallen off of Sophia's and Arabella's feet (even as a babies!) Not to mention they are super comfortable... GO SCORE your babes a pair....or 5!  

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Summer's End

 I can't believe summer came and went....feels like it flew by! We spent our days mostly outdoors!! My dad was up from Florida and we luxury camped, beached it, biked, had picnics, went to museums, went to every park imaginable, and hung out at home...lounging in the front yard with the pups! Sophia is so ready for fall though, so am I!! We LOVE to decorate and may have found our new favorite store for all things home décor (more on that later!) For now we are trying to sort through clothes and get fall ready! Sophia will be 4 in October and Arabella will be the Big NUMBER ONE!!! Throwing birthdays for me is like planning a wedding.... you all know this! The plans have been in the works and we are getting ready for the Circus Extravaganza!! As with all of Sophia's Birthdays I will be working with some amazing companies that I am excited to share with you!!! From Birthday invites, favors to edible treats and everything in between! Stay Tuned... lots of DIY videos in the coming weeks.... it is the final countdown OCTOBER 1st will be here soon!!

HAPPY END OF SUMMER YALL ..................... Love the Ari and So
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